Handcrafted Mustard Yellow Ceramic Milk Bottle Vase

Glosters Pottery
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Introducing the 'Mustard Yellow' Ceramic Milk Bottle Vase, a charming creation from Glosters Pottery in Porthmadog. This handmade pottery vase takes inspiration from the classic old-school milk bottle shape, crafted through slipcasting in durable stoneware clay. The distinctive design is accentuated with a vibrant and drippy mustard yellow coloured glaze.

Not just a visual delight, this decorative milk bottle vase is also highly functional. The interior is thoughtfully glazed, ensuring it is waterproof, milk-proof, and food safe. This versatility allows it to serve as a unique and stylish vase, perfect for showcasing both fresh and dried flowers.

With its blend of nostalgic design and contemporary flair, the 'Mustard Yellow' Ceramic Milk Bottle Vase is a delightful addition to any space, adding both aesthetic charm and practical functionality.

Please note: flowers are not included. 

Due to the handcrafted nature of this product the item received may differ from that pictured here. 

Product Specifications 

Size: 9.5cm height x width (base) 4.5cm

Material: Stoneware 

Produced by Glosters Pottery