Glosters Pottery

Glosters Pottery, led by the dynamic husband-and-wife team Tom and Myfanwy Gloster, is dedicated to crafting contemporary ceramic homewares. Their creations are tailored for individuals who appreciate the beauty and functionality of meticulously crafted products.

Situated in Porthmadog, Glosters Pottery operates a workshop where they design and produce their designer ceramics using stoneware clay. The choice of glazes draws inspiration from the couple's local surroundings and the ever-changing seasons of North Wales.

Each ceramic piece from Glosters Pottery has a unique narrative, detailing its inception, the creative process that shaped its form, and its integration into their diverse range. The Glosters firmly believe that the story and soul of each piece extend beyond its creation. As these ceramics find new homes, they continue to accumulate stories—reflecting the reasons behind their selection, the memories attached to their creation, and the distinctiveness each piece brings to its owner. Glosters Pottery considers their creations to be more than just functional items; they are vessels of memories, carrying tales from both maker and owner, each possessing its own individuality.