Ti Werth y Byd i Gyd yn Grwn Large Unframed Welsh Language Art Print

Niki Pilkington
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Bring some cosmic wonder with this large unframed Welsh language digital print. This digital interpretation of Niki Pilkington's original illustration brings an interstellar theme to life, featuring neon planets, rockets, and astronauts orbiting Earth against the backdrop of the cosmos. Crafted on premium-quality paper, this artwork is a lively and imaginative celestial addition to your decor.

The celestial charm of this print will bring a sense of wonder and joy to any room. Featuring the phrase "Ti werth y byd i gyd yn grwn", which translates as 'You're worth the whole world,' adds a heartfelt touch, making this space-themed print an ideal choice for gifting. 

Each print is hand signed on the border in pencil by Niki.

The print comes backed with acid free, professional quality mount board, packed in a 100% eco-friendly biodegradable and compostable clear bag with a sprinkling of confetti. 

Product Specifications

Translation: Ti werth y byd i gyd yn grwn / You’re worth the whole world

Size: 33.02cm x 48.26cm

Material: High quality 190gsm paper

Produced by Niki Pilkington