Laser-cut Wooden 'Welsh Love Spoon' Hanging Decoration

Max Rocks
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Exchange a little piece of Welsh tradition with the laser-cut wooden 'Welsh Love Spoon' hanging decoration by Max Rocks – a beautiful homage to Welsh tradition and craftsmanship. Proudly made in Wales and crafted in Swansea, this hanging ornament is laser-cut from 4mm Birch plywood and features a loop of jute twine for easy hanging.

Inspired by the rich tradition of Welsh Love Spoons, these intricately designed hanging decorations carry with them a centuries-old symbol of love, commitment, and dedication. Historically, Love Spoons were crafted as a testament to a man's dedication to his love, symbolising his skill and affection in a romantic relationship.

Traditionally associated with marriage proposals, these decorations serve as a timeless and meaningful expression of love. Beyond proposals, Love Spoons are exchanged at weddings, engagements, christenings, birthdays, and anniversaries – a testament to enduring love and special milestones. They also make for cherished love tokens, expressing fondness and affection among friends and family.

With a traditional Welsh blanket tapestry pattern in hues of green, this Love Spoon hanging decoration is not only a stunning addition to your decor but also a symbol of cultural richness and heritage. 

Product Specifications


Material: Lasercut 4mm birch plywood

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