Mam Floral Patterned Ceramic Mug

Max Rocks
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Introducing the 'Mam' ceramic camping-style mug by Max Rocks, the perfect blend of retro design and Welsh charm. This mug features a bright white ceramic body complemented by a curled black rim, creating a vintage aesthetic. Adorned with a stunning design of 'Mam' surrounded by beautiful florals, it adds a touch of elegance to your every sip.

Crafted for comfort and style, this 8oz ceramic mug is ideal daily use. Meticulously made in Wales by Max Rocks in Swansea, it showcases quality craftsmanship and a celebration of Welsh culture.

Perfect for your Mam's daily cup of tea, coffee or even gin this charming ceramic mug has been crafted for comfort and style, providing a thoughtful and durable companion for your Mam's favourite beverages. 

Product Specifications


Material: Ceramic

Produced by Max Rocks