Mae Cariad yn Magu Cariad Unframed A4 Welsh Language Art Print

Niki Pilkington
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Experience the cultural richness and linguistic beauty of Wales with the "Mae Cariad yn magu Cariad" Unframed A4 Digital Print. A digital reproduction of an original illustration by renowned artist Niki Pilkington, captures the power of love. 

Printed on high-quality A4 paper, this unframed digital print features Niki’s signature calligraphy typography and a delicate pencil illustration of a young girl cradling a piglet. The phrase "Mae Cariad yn magu Cariad" translates to "Love breeds Love.

Perfect for adorning your house or gifting to someone special, this print is a wonderful addition to any Welsh home or anyone with an appreciation for the poetic Welsh language.

Each print is hand signed on the border in pencil by Niki.

The print comes backed with acid free, professional quality mount board, packed in a 100% eco friendly biodegradable and compostable clear bag with a sprinkling of confetti. 

Product Specifications

Translation: Mae cariad yn magu cariad / Love breeds love

Size: 21cm x 29.7cm [A4] 

Material: High quality 190gsm paper

Produced by Niki Pilkington