Handcrafted Heart Stamped Eco-Silver Stacking Ring

Jewellery by Jackie Ltd
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Introducing the eco-silver handcrafted 'heart' stacking ring by artisan Jackie Potts of "Jewellery by Jackie." This exquisite ring beautifully blends craftsmanship and eco-consciousness.

It's more than jewellery; it carries a heartfelt message. The ring features a delicately stamped silver disc with a timeless 'heart' motif, symbolising love and unity.

The stacking design is suitable for any occasion, whether stacked for a bold look or worn individually for elegance. Express your individuality each time you wear it.

What makes this ring special is its sustainability. Crafted from eco-silver, it reflects your commitment to a greener planet in a stylish way.

Make a lasting impression with this beautiful symbol of love from "Jewellery by Jackie" and own a beautiful ring dedicated to a more sustainable world.

Due to the handcrafted nature of this product the item received may differ from that pictured here.

Product Specifications

Size: Disc 4.5mm, Band width 1.5mm

Material: Recycled sterling silver [Please note the rings are not hallmarked as they are below the silver weight of 7.78g]. 

Made by Jewellery by Jackie