Gender a Graphic Guide - MEG-JOHN BARKER & JULES SCHEELE

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Is masculinity ‘toxic’? Why are public toilets such a political issue? How has feminism changed the available gender roles – and for whom? Why might we all benefit from challenging binary thinking about sex/gender?In this unique illustrated guide, Meg-John Barker and Jules Scheele travel through our shifting understandings of gender across time and space – from ideas about masculinity and femininity, to non-binary and trans genders, to intersecting experiences of gender, race, sexuality, class, disability and more. Tackling current debates and tensions, which can divide communities and even cost lives, Barker and Scheele look to the past and the future to explore how we might all approach gender in more caring and celebratory ways.

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Author: Meg-John Barker & Jules Scheele

Publisher: Icon Books

Language: English

ISBN: 9781785784521

Format: Paperback

Length: 176 pages

Size: 17.7cm x 25.4cm x 1.2cm