Dear Portrait - Alfredo Cramerotti and Adam Carr

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Publication produced to coincide with the exhibition Dear Portrait at MOSTYN ( 20 July - 13 October 2013)
Participating artists: Nina Beier, Pierre Bismuth, Maurizio Cattelan, Tim Gardner, Loris Greuad, Ryan Gander, Gareth Grifith, Isabell Heimerdinger, Carsten Holler, Annette Kelm, David Lamelas, Jessica Longmore, Jerry McMillan, Elizabeth Peyton, Laura Reeves, Wilhelm Sasnal. Wolfgang Tillmans, Mungo Thomson, Ian Wallace, and Franco Vaccari.

Product Specifications

Essays by: Alfredo Cramerotti, Adam Carr

Publisher: MOSTYN

Format: Pamphlet

Length: 31 pages

Size: 15cm x 21cm

Image: Not applicable

Language: English, Welsh