Dad Gorau'r Byd Lucky Togs Enamel Camping Mug

Max Rocks
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Introducing the 'Dad Gorau'r Byd Lucky Togs' Enamel Mug by Max Rocks a splendid choice for the busy dad who deserves the best. This 12oz enamel mug features a  pair of blue lucky football/rugby boots, telling the recipient they are truly the 'Dad Gorau'r Byd' (Best Dad in the World).

Perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle, whether it's hiking, camping, or when cheering on the kids at their match, this enamel mug combines style and practicality. Made in Wales by Max Rocks in Swansea, it embodies quality craftsmanship, functionality and Welsh charm.

Elevate your Dad's adventures with this charming enamel mug, providing a thoughtful and durable companion for his favourite drinks on the go. 

Product Specifications

Translation: Dad gorau'r byd / Best Dad in the World


Material: Metal and enamel

Produced by Max Rocks