Screen Printed Plant Hanging Shelf "Wood Design"

Studio Wald
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Introducing a contemporary take on macramé – a unique fusion of design and functionality. The laser-cut disc serves as the perfect platform for a variety of plant pot sizes, providing a stylish and versatile solution for your botanical companions. [Plant and pots sold not supplied].

The wood end-grain pattern, intricately screen-printed by Studio Wald in Leeds, adds a touch of natural charm. Suspended by chunky natural white macramé twine adorned with eye-catching yellow twine knots, it also features a brass-plated hoop for effortless hanging.

Handcrafted with care in Leeds by Studio Wald, this is the perfect way to display your favourite houseplants.

Product Specifications

Size: Disc size: 20cm, Overall hanging height approx.: 100cm. Box size: 22cm x 25cm x 1.5cm

Material: 6mm FSC birch plywood, natural cotton twine and metal hanging hoop

Made by Studio Wald