Box of Cerise Dried Flower Stems

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Transform your space with the captivating beauty of "Cerise," a curated botanical collection by Bookblock's florists. This enchanting mix features a stunning array of deep pink and purple flowers, creating a truly striking and vibrant floral ensemble.

Helichrysums and charming pink daisies take centre stage, complemented by the delicate accents of lilac wheat, statice, and fluffy bunny tails. Simply place these stems in a vase, and instantly infuse your home with a perpetual summer feeling all year round.

With proper care, these small flowers can stand the test of time, offering a lasting botanical arrangement. Keep your vase of stems in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight for optimal preservation. (Vase sold separately.)

Please note that as these are natural products, some varieties pictured may not be available. In the event of unavailability, Bookblock’s florists will expertly replace them with equally beautiful alternatives, ensuring your arrangement remains a captivating display.

Product Specifications

Size: 29cm x 8cm x 5.5cm (boxed)

Material: Dried flowers

Made by Bookblock