Beats by Georgia Bacon 1000 Piece Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

Happily Puzzles
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Dive into a world of nostalgia with our 1,000-piece puzzle featuring enchanting illustrations of classic Walkman’s by the acclaimed artist Georgia Bacon.

Meticulously crafted in the Netherlands, this puzzle is more than just a delightful challenge; it's a piece of art. Printed with vegetable-based ink on sustainably sourced, high-quality FSC paper, and composed of 100% recycled board, we prioritise both quality and environmental consciousness.

Embark on a relaxing journey as you piece together the intricate details of this puzzle, taking a stroll down memory lane into the charming retro world of classic Walkman’s. Immerse yourself in the joy of putting together each fragment, creating not just a beautiful image but also a memorable experience.

Product Specifications

Size: 29cm x 21cm x 5cm (boxed) Finished puzzle size 68cm x 48.5cm 

Material: FSC paper and 100% recycled board

Made by Happily Puzzles