Abitare | Alex.O.

Alex O
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Unframed paper collage

Signed and numbered edition of 3

Argentinian born artist Alek O. often utilises ready-made objects and both adopts and adapts traditional methods of art making such as painting, drawing and embroidery. Transforming objects that she has found or been given – things from her personal domain or that formerly belonged to her friends or family for example – she changes their form and appearance in such a way that they seem to recall particular periods of art history, namely Minimalism and Arte Povera, and highlight, yet belie, their particular histories.

This edition takes an advert from the 1990s Italian design magazine Abitare, where the architect Alessandro Mendini features as a celebrity endorsement of a tiling company. The three pieces take the same advertisement three times over, and recompose all three to make new configurations – underlining the different colour and print register values between each advertisement and the magazine that they were contained within. 

Please note the edition number may differ from that pictured here. 

Due to the nature of the edition slight variations may occur.

Product Specifications

Size: 23cm x 30cm

Material: Paper

Produced by Alex O.