Cymru Welsh Map Unframed A4 Welsh Art Print

Betty James Designs
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Embark on a visual journey through Wales with the 'Cymru Welsh Map' unframed A4 digital art print by Betty James Designs. This captivating artwork, born from an original watercolour and digital illustration, features iconic elements of Welsh towns, adorned with traditional Welsh symbols such as daffodils, love spoons, and the Welsh lady.

The print weaves together the rich cultural tapestry of Wales, creating an artwork that pays homage to its landscape and heritage. Each detail is thoughtfully illustrated, making this unframed A4 digital art print a charming representation of Welsh pride and identity.

Perfect for those who cherish Welsh culture or as a heartfelt gift.

Product Specifications

Size: 21.0cm x 29.7cm [A4]

Material: Card

Produced by Betty James Design