Meet Owen Findley, the creative force behind OR8DESIGN, designing and hand screen printing from his studio in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Owen brings a contemporary twist to landscape prints, earning acclaim for his work described as 'minimalist wanderlust.'

Owen's artistic vision embraces negative space and bold, flowing shapes, inviting viewers on an adventure through the landscape. His prints, characterised by a minimalist approach, focus less on intricate details and more on capturing the emotional essence of a place—conjuring hazy memories of childhood visits and fleeting moments from cherished holidays. The result is prints with a serene, dream-like quality.

The unique nature of screen printing plays a pivotal role in shaping the distinctive OR8DESIGN style. Owen masterfully uses the fewest colors to achieve the greatest impact, creating a signature aesthetic that resonates with simplicity and elegance. Even after a decade of printing, the joy of revealing the final color on a successful print remains undiminished for Owen.