Louise Schrempft

Louise developed her love of ceramics from an early age watching her mother make pottery figures and sculptures. Having gained a degree in illustration and graphic design, Louise went on to complete an MA in ceramics at Wolverhampton.

 Now based in Dyserth, North Wales, Louise draws inspiration from her home surroundings. She is always listening, observing and recording in her sketchbook. Her cats and dogs make frequent appearances in her work, as do other animals she encounters in the countryside.

Figures are made fun of, posed as fools and idiots, lost, lonely and daft and sometimes in compromising positions to create humour.

The unpredictable nature of the firing process along with happy accidents that occur along the way, allow the figures created to emerge unique and beautiful. To compliment the hand-built figures, Louise also takes great satisfaction from the meditation of throwing, with its rhythms and repetitive forms. Some shapes end up as bases and stages for figures, some as simple vase, jugs, mugs and bowls, this contrast is an important part of Louise’s making process.