LIGA is a family business drawing inspiration from nature to design eco homewares for everyday living, using only sustainable materials.

LIGA use beautiful materials such as ethically sourced cork, organic unbleached cotton, recycled papers, vegan wax, compostable cloth, bamboo, recycled EVA plastics and ceramics to create their sustainable collections.

Whilst the materials are sourced from around the world, the magic happens in Cornwall with screen printing and finishing off many of the products.

LIGA are committed and passionate about using sustainable materials in creative ways to make eco products affordable and useable for everyday living.

All the cork used in their products is grown and harvested naturally from cork oak trees in the Montado forests in Portugal. Cork is a living, breathing material. Cork oak forests absorb a huge 32 million tons of CO2 each year. Cork continues to absorb CO2 even when made into a LIGA product. 

Products from their ‘Beach Clean’ range are made from recycled EVA plastics (like flip flops) and eco-friendly cork making each product completely unique.