Judy Adams

Judy's collection is the result of a long period of experimentation with black stoneware clay.

The aim is to create pieces that reflect the inherent qualities of the clay itself, and to form and decorate using the minimum of tools, so that the finished piece can reflect the material and the maker. Judy only uses her hands to shape each piece from a flattened sheet of clay, then applies slip (liquid clay) decorative designs with a natural sponge over torn newspaper stencils and resists.

The motifs are influenced by textile designs and artwork from the early 20th century, while the forms have echoes of Cycladic and Minoan votive pottery. While there are recurring shapes, motifs and colours, each piece is entirely unique in its form and decoration.

The work is fired to 1185 degrees Celsius in an electric kiln over a period of 12 hours. Pieces bear Judy's maker’s mark of a swallow impressed into the base.