John Mark Fenn

John Mark Fenn is a glassblower and beekeeper living in North Wales, each vessel is infused with the honey gathered from his native Welsh Black bees to create his honey infused glass. 

John was featured on 'Make it at Market', a new 15 episode television series hosted by Dom Chinea of 'The Repair Shop' (available now on BBC iPlayer). His mentor on the series is glass artist Allister Malcolm.

John combines the natural synergies that occur in glassblowing and beekeeping. From the flowing movements required of the glassblower and the beekeeper, to the natural flowing movement of the glass and the honey. The resulting reaction of each infusion encapsulates and preserves traces from the bees in patterns of bubbles ensuring, each piece is unique.

All the pieces John makes are free formed, some of the forms are taken directly from the hive and others are adapted from these forms and the natural incurring flow of the materials.