DIY Pottery Kit

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Discover the joy of pottery with our DIY Pottery Kit. This all-in-one package includes air-dry clay, sculpting tools, step-by-step instructions, a sponge for smoothing, paintbrush, vibrant paint for customisation and a sealant for a polished finish.

Ideal for beginners and enthusiasts alike, this kit provides everything you need to craft your own plant or stationery pot. 

Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years. Children must be supervised while using this product. 

Recommended age 12+.

Product Specifications

Air drying clay 
Paint brush 
White paint 
4x Sculpting tools
Instruction booklet

You will also need coloured marker pens to decorate your masterpiece [Not provided]

Size: 11cm x 16cm x 3.5cm [Tin]

Material: Tin, clay, wood, paper

Produced by Gift Republic