Small Solid Oak Chopping Board with Hanging Hole

Dust Shack
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Upgrade your kitchen with a premium oak chopping board for a timeless and reliable culinary companion crafted by Dust Shack in North Wales. 

The solid oak board is made from the highest grade timber, kiln-dried to minimise moisture and enhance stability, reducing the risk of cracking or warping. This solid oak board, designed with a hanging hole and smooth surface, ensures effortless chopping for your kitchen needs.

To guarantee both safety and durability, our boards are treated with pure mineral oil—an odorless, tasteless, and food-safe product approved by the British Pharmacopeia. This treatment not only safeguards the wood during cleaning but also accentuates its natural colour, beauty, and sheen.

Please note that due to the handmade nature of this item there may be variations in size and style. The item received may differ slightly from those pictured here.

Product Specifications

Size: 22cm (H) × 15.5cm (W) × 2cm (D)

Material: Oak

Made by Dust Shack