P I V O T : Sixteen Artists using Photography in Wales & Philadelphia - PAULA MARINCOLA & SUSAN BEARDMORE

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Publication produced to coincide with the exhibition P I V O T at MOSTYN (15 June - 27 July 1991). 

Participating artists: Chris Colclough, Suzanne Greenslade, Alistair Crawford, Peter Finnemore, Keith Arnatt, Sue Packer, Paul Reas, Helen Sear, Eileen Neff, Gavin Blake, Jack Carnell, David Graham, Shelley Bachman, Nancy Hellebrand, Norinne Betjemann & Susan Fenton.

Product Specifications

Essays by: Paula Marincola & Susan Beardmore

Publisher: MOSTYN

ISBN: 906860164

Format: Paperback

Length: 94 pages

Size: 30cm x 25cm

Image: Colour

Language: English, Welsh