Zygotes and Confessions - NICK HORNBY

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Publication produced to coincide with Nick Hornby's exhibition at MOSTYN (14 November 2020 - 9 May 2021).

Hornby is known for his monumental site-specific works that combine digital software with traditional materials such as bronze, steel, granite and marble. In this publication he presents a substantial new body of smaller, more intimate work comprising three discrete yet interrelated series of works inspired by the history of sculptural busts, modernist abstractions and mantelpiece ceramic dogs. United by glossy photographic surfaces created by means of an industrial process in which his marble and resin composite sculptures are dipped into liquid photographs, these new works explore themes of portraiture, the body, identity, sexuality and intimacy in the digital era. A number of the works have been made in collaboration with fashion photographer Louie Banks.

Product Specifications

Essays by: Alfredo Cramerotti, Matt Price

Publisher: Anomie and MOSTYN

ISBN: 9781910221280

Format: Paperback

Length: 80 pages

Size: 23cm x 19.5cm

Image: Colour

Language: English, Welsh