Step Into Your Power: 23 lessons on how to live your best life - JAMIA WILSON

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Listen up little sister! Now is the time to learn how to harness your power and use it. You’ve heard about heroes and read about the greats, but how do you actually get there yourself? This book will show you how to make your big dreams a big reality. Learn from the lived experience of author Jamia Wilson and illustrator Andrea Pippins, as they mentor you through growing up in the modern world, and teach you how to STEP INTO YOUR POWER. 

Product Specifications

Author: Jamia Wilson

Illustrator: Andrea Pippins

Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions

Language: English

ISBN: 9781786035851

Format: Hardback

Length: 64 pages

Size: 24cm x 1.4cm x 28.3cm

Reading age: 9-12 years