Re-Materialising Feminism - ALICE BROOKE, GIULIA SMITH & SOZSA FARKAS (Eds)

Arcadia Missa Publications
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Re-Materialising Feminism is a collaborative project concerned with curating an intergenerational range of artistic and theoretical feminist practices. The project begins as a conference and series of events, aimed at interrogating materialist feminist discourse and emergent feminisms in contemporary culture. The programme was hosted in two parts, split between the premises of The Showroom (6-8 June) and the ICA (20-21 June), London. A publication documenting the project will be published by Arcadia Missa Publications later in 2014.

Product Specifications

Author: Editors Alice Brooke, Giulia Smith and Sozsa Farkas

Publisher: Arcadia Missa 

Language: English

ISBN: 978-0-9926747-4-8

Format: Paperback

Length: 85 pages

Size: 21.9cm x 29.5cm x 0.5cm