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With a background in experimental film and video art in the 1980s, Cerith Wyn Evans has primarily worked since the 1990s with spectacular installations where a number of media such as sculpture, photography, film, text, light and sound form natural elements.

This publication consists of two essays. Lars Bang Larsen discusses the light as a culture-historical entity with references to modern philosophy, art and popular culture. The artist’s own reflections upon art and exhibition practices are also presented in the interview with Wyn Evans by Solveig Øvstebø (director of Bergen Kunsthall and curator of the exhibition). The catalogue is illustrated with photographs from the exhibition at Bergen Kunsthall, and also includes images from the artist’s private archive.

Product Specifications

This is a signed copy with the artists signature on the cover 

Texts: Lars Bang Larsen, Solveig Øvstebø and Cerith Wyn Evans

Publisher: Bergen Kunsthall

Language: English, Norwegian

ISBN: 9788293101031

Format: Softcover

Length: 97 pages

Size: 28 x 19 cm